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 June 22nd 6:30pm-10:30pm

The Forge Castlemaine

Booking essential

This Solstice you are invited to share in the sacred space and

movement to connect to the depth of your heart and

the seeds of your dreams.

As we honour the depths of the darkness and the potent dreaming time of winter we invite you into the realms of your heart and what seeds of potential that are stirring within.

With the loving support of cacao medicina (pure chocolate) and the container of our women's circle you will have the space and opportunity to move inward, centre yourself and reflect on what's important to you and what you are taking into the dreaming this winter.

Through our dance journey we have the opportunity to shake and move through parts of ourselves to access and embody the truth within. Through our drum journey, journaling and circle reflections we begin the process of integrating what we learn through the ceremony and how we take these blessings forward.

What to expect

We will begin the evening in circle, aligning our presence, our intentions and meeting one another through a sharing process.

We will then drink a lovingly prepared ceremonial cacao elixir with reverence and gratitude.

Then we will dance.

The dance aspect is a specifically deigned journey for the ceremony and will take you through an experience. Some people dance, some people meditate, some people stretch, shake, cry, laugh and howl (or all of the above). The point is to let your body be the guide and for you allow the music and the cacao to support you and guide your journey. It can be intense, fun and deeply insightful.

After we dance there will be a drum journey to follow. This will support you to integrate the experience followed by personal journalling, a closing circle and then a FEAST.


Tickets are $35

Concessions and group booking (2 or more) are available on request. Please get in touch with Kellie directly on O4O9531141

There are 15 places spaces available.

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Where and when?

The Forge Castlemaine


Saturday 22nd June 2019

These women's circle are open to any woman who identifies as a woman. The ceremony it open to women who are 15 years or older.

Drinking cacao is completely optional, you are welcome to come along for the experience without drinking the cacao.

Come as you are- happy, sad, angry, scared, vulnerable, open, curious, excited, resistant and everything in-between- come as the perfectly imperfect version of you and meet the loving and transformational embrace of women in circle and the divine cacao spirit.

Where does the cacao come from?

The cacao brew we drink is lovingly prepared with ceremonial grade cacao imported directly from the source by our dear relatives Antonia & Fernando of Tonantzin Aztec Artisan Chocolate

Ceremonial grade cacao (aka chocolate) has the quality and balance of compounds and energies to properly support the Cacao Spirit in partnering with you and your intentions.

We will provide you with more information about preparation of the cacao, the medicinal benefits, specific address and what to bring in a follow up email after booking.

We look forward to you joining us

With love

Kellie & Esther

Please note: cacao in ceremonial doses is not recommended if you have a pace maker, have high blood pressure, or other heart conditions, as the cacao will increase your heart rate. It can be dangerous to your health if you are taking heart medication or high doses of antidepressant medication. People with bi-polar disorder are advised of the risk of overstimulation and manic symptoms.


If this applies to you, please know you are still most welcome to join us for the experience with a very light/homeopathic dose or none at all. You will still receive many benefits from participating in the ceremony and basking in the collective energy that we will generate.


What is a women’s circle?

A women’s circle is a space for women to show up as themselves. It is a place for us to drop the masks, connect and see each other, to speak to be heard, listen to witness.

A women’s circle is a space for us to hold each other as equals, as women, as wisdom keepers.

A women’s circle is best understood by being in circle, in general, the experience of being in circle a felt experience of connection.


What happens?


The circles I facilitate take a journey through a similar process each time, it can differ slightly if we are working with a theme.

This format gives space for every woman to be seen, heard and held by the collective heart of the circle and share wisdom as called.


The general process is as follows:

  • Opening the circle. Setting the space and intention.

  • Connecting to Body & Breath A short guided visualisation, gentle movement to slow our minds and connect with our body and breathe.

  • The Drop In. The sharing aspect of the circle. Each women has the opportunity to speak to what is present. We speak without interruption and we each listen with the ears of our heart.

  • Reflection and Wisdom Sharing. We share what is relevant to whats come up in circle. This is not advice giving or problem solving.

  • Checking Out. Drawing back our energy and grounding.

  • Closing the circle. Closing words or song.

Our agreements


  • Confidentiality: What is said in circle, stays in circle. We speak only of our own experience not of others.

  • Authenticity: We show up as ourselves, speak our truth from our heart. We listen to understand and speak to be understood. 

  • The talking stick: We use the talking stick to support our process of taking turns to speak. If you are holding the talking stick, it is your turn to talk and everyone else remains silent. We use the talking stick listening with the ears of their hearts.

  • Silence: We allow and invite silence for deeper reflection, we remain open to silence.

  • Respect: We respect our individual differences.

  • Self Responsibility: We take personal responsibility for ourselves and ask for what we need

  • Co-creation: We agree to mutually share in the co-creation of the Circle by showing up and sticking to agreements.

  • Be on time: We agree to be on time each week.

Is it compulsory to share during the circle?

No. You have choice at every step of the way with Circle. We are about empowerment, not forced exposure.

Who attends?


Any women who identifies and lives her life as a woman.

Women of all ages, all walks of life, all abilities.

Our circles are trans-inclusive.

How many women are in the Circle?

The 5 week circle series can have up to 8 participants.

Retreats and day long workshops are up to 12.

Cacao ceremonies may have up to 35 women.

Do I have to attend each week?

If you sign up for a 5 week course I ask that you

commit to attend the full 5 weeks.

Showing up for ourselves and each other is an important

part of building trust within the Circle.

I also offer 1 day circles, online courses and retreats.

Shout out to my friends and teachers

Sarah Singing Raven: Gracias Madre

Kehry Frank: Vitality Yoga

Mary Soderiou: Ancient Mother

Amanda Scott: Amanda Scott Art Therapy

Phoenix One Song: Dancing Freedom

Kate Reed: The Sisters Circles

Fleassy Malay: Fleassy Malay

And all the many humans and experiences that have guided me along my way.

Thank you for sharing your heart, your solid wisdom,

practicality, confidence in me and generosity 

on my path, you've had an impact.

...and we continue to grow

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Women's Circle: New Moon

Saturday 5th April 2019

You are invited to share time and space together in circle.

To sit together with intention and

gift yourself  an opportunity to listen deeply to connect with

self, other and space.

At the time of the new moon we have an opportunity to start again,

to reflect and set intentions for the month ahead.

Harvest season is present now, things are falling away and we are

in gathering mode for winter.

Being together in circle provides us an opportunity to utilise these

energies, these cycles and seasons to centre our focus on whats speaking to us from within.


Saturday 5th April



Private residence in Newstead, Victoria

What to bring:
-Yourself, exactly as you are (be comfortable)
-Anything special you would like to place on our altar
-Your journal (if you have one)

- Comfortable Clothes
-Loving heart and intention

- Something healthy to share for a

grounding feast at the end of the circle.


By Donation


What to expect

A circle of willing women, a warm space 

and an opportunity to share what is current for 

you in a confidential and nurturing space. 

Places available to 8 women.

Booking essential.

Contact Kellie for offline/private bookings 0409531141

Past event

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