About me

Kellie Curtis

Hi there,


Thanks for your interest and coming here to learn a little more about me.


I am Melbourne born and grew up in the inner Northern Suburbs before embarking on many over seas and travelling adventures.


I trust my heart.


I am a mother of a gorgeous boy named Otto and really enjoy time with children as I have an amazing connection to my inner child, creativity and imagination.


I've been a yoga teacher, personal trainer, life coach, teacher, home lover, nest maker, event organizer, creator, supporter, thrill seeker, truth teller, meditator, dancer, traveler, deep soul diver, gardener, laugher, sister, daughter, lover and friend for as long as I known and continue to invest in my own growth and learning.


I am passionate about truth and discovering what is underneath the stories we tell ourselves, our anger, our grief and fear and how we can unpack, heal and reveal what we need to experience more balance, connection to our desire, needs and purpose.

The last 15 years, through world travel, trusting my heart,  self healing, tertiary education, accidents, PTS, PND, yoga studies, vipasana, the amazing projects I have been a part of and learning through life has created a deep connection and trust in my self. There have been many shifts both subtle and obvious. My desire is to share some of want I have learned with the intention of it supporting others to find that trust in themselves.


The dedication to presence, study, experience and discovery has given me so much not only in the blissful moments but facing my self in the darkness as well. 



I attended my first women's circle almost 8 years ago, the circle had a profound impact on my life, all of a sudden I felt less alone in the world, less alone in my "stuff".

Over the years, my experiences have shown me something truly magic happens when women come together in this way. As the learning continues I realise that the same magic is available when we sit together in our hearts, as humans from all walks.

When we come together  with intention and are willing to see ourselves in each other.

When we come together to listen deeply to ourselves and one another with the ears of our hearts, to share and to be witnessed- it is profound, it is magic and so worthwhile.

It is an honour to facilitate a safe and confidential space for this magic to transpire.

I have had the privilege of working alongside my dear sister and teacher
Mary Soderiou for the past 6 years. I have learned much from her as a friend, colleague, and teacher. Mary has been holding circles for over 30 years, I am so grateful to have learned what I have from her.


I currently work side-by-side with Fleassy Malay on a project called CourageoulyME which is an online self care program for women.

I have been a part of the organising team for Seven Sisters Festival since it’s inception. Seven Sisters Festival is the biggest of its kind, an all women's festival with a focus on healing, connection and transformation.

Recently I invested in The Sister Circles Facilitation training with Kate Reed and feel a new wave of inspiration coupled with professionalism.

Working with women, children, groups and creating safe spaces for people to explore, express and connect with themselves and each other is what I am passionate about. I am passionate about creating commUnity and seeing us lift each other up, see each other and create worlds of support.

These, once seeds, have grown and taken root within me and I now feel in service to this work; safe spaces to share. I called to continue to share this profoundly healing and nurturing work with others and I'd love you to come along.

I'd love to meet you, look forward to connecting.

With love

"I am passionate about creating safe spaces for people  to

explore, express and connect with themselves and one another."

Kellie Curtis

You are worthy of your own time!

My work is inspired by my desire to support women to find peace and rest within themselves every day- especially when we are busy!

I give you
to put yourself care needs first.
How are you able to give the best
of yourself from a place of depletion?
Self care first.
Everyone and everything else second.
Speak up for you and your needs.
Your whole world will be better if you give from a place of fullness.
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