I am nervous, excited, honoured and ever so curious to be participating AND assisting 

Luka Tremback with this series.

We have an opportunity to learn and explore through self healing,  self massage and loving touch.

For me, there is an edge here, I have felt a call AND a resistance to this work for years, I think that this edge is one absolutely worthwhile stepping forward into.

For me, the time has come step in and see what's there, to see whats available with this work.

I honestly believe this space, held by Luka, a beautifully tender, sensitive and intuitive woman is a safe and nurturing space to explore the depths of something so personal, so healing and potentially transformational.

I will be assisting Luka by creating and providing the space at my home in Fairfeild and making
delicious organic dinner and sweets each week.

Hope you join us!

Love Kellie

















"I am passionate about creating a space where women can feel “at home” in their own body, empowering themselves to heal whilst discovering the depth of their own pleasure potential. I fulfil this passion by offering Women’s Sexual Embodiment practices, facilitating Jade Egg courses over the last three years and offering Yoni Massage to women" 

Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me via FB or on 0422749172. 

With love and warmth,

Luka Tremback

Course Outline

Each week you are invited to dive into specific feminine sexual embodiment topics, these include: 

Week 1: Introduction to the Therawand and Myofacial Release Balls


Week 2: Learn about your pleasure anatomy. You will be also guided into a Yoni Steam Ritual. 


Week 3: Connecting with your love centre - Your Breasts


Week 4: Connecting with your compass and trusted guide - Your Womb.


Week 5: Connecting with your sexual energy - Your Perineum. A place where you can either "leak" or "block" energy.


Week 6: Connecting your sexual body with your emotional body - Sexual Reflexology.


Week 7: You will be devoting yourself to a 2 hour massage ritual followed by a closing ceremony

Also included:

* Delicious foo, chai and dessert

* Manuals for the practice

* Ongoing support from Luka and the Yoni Yoga community

Runs Sundays 4pm-7pm

Dates: May 28th,June 4th,June 11th, June 18th, June 25th, July 2nd, July 9th 

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